Please feel free to watch our NEW YouTube videos.  Interesting topics include Amalgam Fillings, Gum Disease and other informative subjects (Feel free to like our videos!): 

The above link is an Introduction to a more Comprehensive video on Amalgam Fillings.  Please feel free to like us for more videos!                                                                                        (The length of this video is 5 minutes and 39 seconds)

The above link is a more comprehensive video about Mercury Amalgam Fillings.                   (The length of this video is 13 minutes and 49 seconds)

The link above is an introduction to Periodontal / Gum Disease.  If you would like more information, a more comprehensive video is listed below.                                                       (The length of this video is 3 minutes and 9 seconds)

The link above is a comprehensive look into Periodontal / Gum Disease.  Please feel free to like our videos!                                                                                                                                  (The length of this video is 6 minutes and 48 seconds)


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