Initial Visit

Please print off and fill out the new patients forms!  Please fax or  send them to us prior to your appointment if possible.

Please refrain from using scented body products on the day of your appointments (cologne/perfume, hairspray, scented lotions, scented soaps).  This is very important to our chemically sensitive patients!  – Thank you. – Dr. Hanus

What to expect during your first visit!

  • Comprehensive health and dental history review.
  • Acquisition of Images of  teeth (Please view our Images page for examples )
  • Review of available x-ray history / current  x-rays and acquisition of necessary x-rays.
  • High resolution photographs will be taken to allow you to fully participate in co-diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Oral cancer and pathology screening.
  • Dental exam which includes  TMJ evaluation, comprehensive periodontal examination, charting of existing dental work and treatment planning of any needed dental services.
  • Personal preventive dental care assessment.
  • Time for personal  questions regarding dental care.
* Please plan for the first visit to take at least 2  1/2 hours,
* When scheduling your initial visit, please provide as much detail as possible on your         dental history so that we can more accurately fit your personal scheduling needs.